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IljinS.R., Ph. D. (Tech.), Senior Researcher (IGTM NAS of Ukraine)

Radchenko V.K., M.Sc.(Tech) (State Technical & Mining Inspectorate of Ukraine, «AGAT» Ltd.)

Adorskaya L.G., Ph. D. (Tech.), Senior Researcher,

Samusya S.V., Ph. D. (Tech.), Junior Researcher

(IGTM NAS of Ukraine);

Iljina I.S., Ph. D. (Tech.), Associate Professor,

Iljina S.S., Ph. D. (Tech.), Associate Professor

(State HEI “National Mining University”)

Abstract. The results of the analysis of potentially unstable dynamic processes in parts of mechanical systems of mine hoisting plants are reviewed in the article. It is shown that because of the equipment degradation under long-term operation in difficult geological and mining conditions considered processes can significantly degrade the level of security vertical shafts systems "vessel - reinforcement". It is shown that the mine hoisting plant is a multiply connected priscillarenea dynamical system. In its power train all dynamic processes are energy-connected. In the long-term operating increased wear and violation of links design parameters in certain conditions cause the internal or external resonance with the initiation of shock-cyclic interaction of lifting vessels with reinforcement emergency dangerous level. The sources of such resonances are mechanical processes of interaction of the hoist drum with head ropes, deviations of geometrical and physically-mechanical parameters of reinforcement from design values, the eccentricity of lifting vessel, the mismatch of vessel guides devices parameters and hoisting speed diagram to the conditions of dynamic loadings minimizing on the reinforcement in terms of specific lifting department. The article contains the results of studies showing that the extended section in the middle of the shaft, where the rate of vessels vertical oscillation double-end hoisting plant become close by value, there is an intensive energy exchange between fluctuations of rising and falling rope branches through a hoisting  machine sheave. It causes the increase of the amplitude of lifting vessels horizontal oscillations and causes shock mode of interaction of vessel with reinforcement. The violation of cylindrical form of hoisting machine sheave because of external resonance has the same effect. The presence of sharp bends on transient section of hoisting speed diagram also increases the horizontal loading on the reinforcement because of creating the alternating vertical acceleration of the vessel. This event has significant intensity on emergency braking of hoisting machine. In the shafts with broken geometry in the area of the rock movement combination of global and local long deviations from the vertical with alternating deviations short areas, comparable in length with 2 - 3 length of the vessel, non-optimal choice of roller directors rigidity cases one-way shoes waisting to the guides. It intensifies shock interaction of vessels with reinforcement, because of the increased frequency of meetings of shoe with the moving planes of curved guides working surfaces. The process may have the character of the growing shock loadings avalanche on shaft short sections. The simultaneous occurrence of described negative links interactions on the shaft section with worn reinforcement can cause spontaneous acceleration of its degradation, fatigue damage accumulation of vessel frameworks and the main cause of an accident with heavy financial consequences. The article contains the range of technical measures to reduce rate of dangerous accident in shafts with difficult geological and mining conditions.


 mine hoist plant, mine shaft, mine lifting vessel, diagnostics of mine shaft reinforcement, mine shaft reinforcement, dynamics of mine hoist plants.


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About the authors:

Iljin Sergej Rostislavovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph. D.), Head of the Laboratory of Diagnostics and Tests of Mining Hoisting Plants Problems, M.S. Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics under National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IGTM, NASU), Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Radchenko Vladimir Konstantonovich, Executive Secretary of Board of shaft statement analysis of State Technical & Mining Inspectorate of Ukraine, «AGAT» Ltd

Adorskaya Larisa Georgievna,Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph. D.), Senior Researcher, Institute of geotechnical mechanics naimed by N.S. Polyakov NAS of Ukraine (IGTM, NASU), Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Samusya Sergej Vladimirovich,Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph. D.), Junior Researcher, M.S. Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics under National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IGTM, NASU), Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Iljina Inna Sergeevna, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph. D.), Associate Professor, Department of Mining Mechanics, State Higher Education Institution “National Mining University” (State HEI “National Mining University”), Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Iljina Svetlana Sergeevna, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph. D.) Associate Professor, Department of Mining Mechanics, State Higher Education Institution “National Mining University” (State HEI “National Mining University”), Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

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