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Dear authors of the articles.

Since 2013, introduced new requirements for the articles, submitted for publication in the collection IGTM National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “Geo-Technical Mechanics”. Please read the requirements for Manuscripts.

Instructions for manuscript preparation     Online >>

Document forms and Reference Information:

Annex А. Review form Download *.pdf >>

Annex B. Electronic information form Download *.pdf >>

Annex C. License agreement form Download   *.pdf   >>

Annex D. Transliteration rules Download *.pdf >>

Annex E. Writing degrees, academic titles and positions Download *.pdf >>

Annex F. Making a bibliography of References Download *.pdf >>

Annex G. Making References, standard "Harvard" Download *.pdf >>

Annex H. Writing the names of IGTM NAS Departments  Download *.pdf >>

Annex I. An example of the paper appearance Download *.pdf >>

Annex J. Recommendations for the compilation abstracts   Download   *.pdf   >>