DychkovskyiR.O., D.Sc. (Tech), Professor



The results establishing the stress-strain state of the rock-mass, the thickness of the artificially created bilayer shell and rocks movement to manage massif in the zone of conducting the well underground coal gasification are presented. It was developed the appropriate resistance of the gas-gen circuit and necessary space for the passage of gas mixtures.

The mathematical mechanism for determining the heat variations in the composition of rocks at blowing mixtures and change of its pressure is given. Analytical studies based on the heat-exchanging scheme, that accurately describes the distribution of the temperature field in the zone of gas-gen are done. Forming the artificial shells in the area of underground gas generators was carried out in two stages through the shell melted rocks, located directly above the center of gasification and the creation of metamorphic rocks with altered properties in the depths of the rock-mass.

It was detected the movement of rocks studied on the test unit with special sensors. Numerical analysis used to determine the stress-strain state of rocks based on thermo-elastic-plastic deformation model. To construct synthesis dependencies used multiple regression method and applied universally data processing system tables Excel-2013.

Keywords. Bilayer artificially formed shell, blowing mixture, gas-gen, step of rocks collapse, rock stresses control.


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