The Editorial Board selects, prepares and publishes articles submitted by the authors. The copyright for concrete article belongs to its authors. The author submits and the Editorial Board accepts the author’s material on the following conditions:

  • the Editorial Board has the right to:

-       prepare, publish and allocate the Journal with the author’s published materials for further abstracting of the articles in the abstract journals and scientometric databases;

-       disseminate the Journal and author’s materials over different printed and electronic publications including Internet sites in order to make the material accessible for any interested persons in any locations and at any time.

  • use the author’s material on any territory.
  • the author confirms the open-ended right of the Editorial Board to further spread the author’s material over the Internet;
  • the Editorial Board has a right, at own discretion and with no agreement with the author, to conclude contracts and agreements with the third parties on additional protection of copy rights and publishers’ right;
  • the author shall guarantee that the article is his/her original work and usage of the author’s material by the Editorial Board does not abuse any third-party rights;
  • the author may re-publish the article or its part with precondition of giving reference and links to the primary publication in the Journal.