Publishing Policy of the Journal

The purpose of the collection is to publish original and overview works on the main problems of mining and to bring the results of scientists to the national and world scientific communities.

The main tasks are:
- to bring to the general public the results of research of scientists of the institute and scientists of foreign national and international organizations on the problems of mining;
- development of national scientific potential and its integration into the world scientific space;
- dissemination of progressive experience in the implementation of perspective scientific and technical developments;
- exchange of information on topical issues of mining;
- formation of space for publicity and discussion of the advanced achievements of national and foreign scientific schools;
- publication of the main scientific results of the dissertations by applicants for scientific degrees and research of applicants for assignment of scientific titles;
- publication of articles that are taken into account at evaluating the results of the scientific activity of the Institute, attestation of researchers, evaluation of research works, etc.

Our Editorial Board is guided by experience of professional societies, research organizations, and editorial boards of other publications and recommendations of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

1. Our editors shall consider any manuscripts offered for publication without prejudice to race, religion, nationality, status, or institutional affiliation of the author(s)

2. All papers are subject to reviewing. Our editorial board reserves the right to reject an article or return it as requiring improvement, and the author should improve the article according to the remarks of the reviewers and the editorial board.

3. The editor seeks advice from reviewers, Doctor of Science of required specialty, as to the quality and reliability of manuscripts submitted for publication.

4. The editor and members of the editor’s staff should not disclose any information about a manuscript under consideration to anyone other than those from whom professional advice is sought.

5. It is acceptable to spread articles published in the journal or quotations over the Internet with precondition of giving references and links to the primary source.

6. Publication and/or distribution of materials from our journal by third parties or organizations in print and electronic media are prohibited. According to the international law of electronic media copyright, copying of materials published in electronic journal in full or in part is not allowed without the prior written permission of author(s) and editors. In case of use of the published materials in context of other documents, references to the primary source are required.

7. If an editor is presented with convincing evidence that the main substance or conclusions of an article published in an editor’s journal are erroneous, the editor should facilitate publication of an appropriate report pointing out the error and, if possible, correcting it. The report may be written by the person who discovered the error or by original author.

8. Our editors bear no responsibility for probable damage caused by publication of a manuscript to authors or third parties. The editors have the right to withdraw the article already published in case somebody's rights or generally accepted norms appear violated. In this case the editors shall inform author(s) of the article, persons who gave recommendations and organization where the research was held about the fact of such withdrawal.

The authors shall:

  • bear whole responsibility for content of their articles and for the fact of their publication;
  • give references to available sources of information to permit the specialists in this field to repeat the work;
  • cite those publications that have been influential in determining the nature of the reported work and that will guide the reader quickly to the earlier works that are essential for understanding the present investigation;
  • inform our editors of related manuscripts that the author currently has under editorial consideration or in press;
  • not submit manuscripts with the same results as in the primary publication; however, it is acceptable to submit a manuscript of the whole article that extends previously published short preliminary report related to the same research;
  • give explicit references to the cited or expressed information other than generally known data;
  • list each co-authors who essentially contribute to the work submitted and who share responsibility for the obtained results;
  • guarantee absence of any contractual relations or copyrights that could influence on publication of information contained in the manuscript submitted.