Procedure of submitting the Article to the Editorial Board

In order an article is published in the “Geotechnical Mechanics” Journal the author should submit to the Editorial Board the following:

  • text of the article in hard copy signed by all authors, on standard pages, format A4, 1 copy (printed version may be sent by regular postal service);
  •  electronic version of the article (Microsoft Word 1997–2010, format “*.doc” or “*.docx”), on CD, DVD, flash-carrier, or sent by e-mail;
  • electronic version of Abstract, information about the authors and reference literature, in established form (Annex B  Full text availabe online  >> ), on Ukrainian or Russian and English languages, for allocating in the Journal site (Microsoft Word 1997–2010, formats “*.doc” or “*.docx”);
  • written recommendation in established form, signed by a doctor of science or authorized expert in the field;
  • the expert’s conclusion who has recommended the article for publication (Annex А  Full text availabe online  >> );
  • license agreementsigned by the author (Annex C  Full text availabe online  >>).